TP1 Porto Covo to Milfontes

Stage TP1 of the Rota Vicentina Fishermen's Trail from Porto Covo das Bandeiras to Vila Nova de Milfontes.

A 20 km (6-7 hours) hike starting from the northernmost point of the Fishermen's Trail. A fairly strenuous stage with several kilometres over sand. The trail heads south along the beach to reach the Forte da Ilha de Dentro overlooking the island of Pessegueiro.

It then continues through the dunes behind the spectacular surf beaches, Aivados and Malhão before reaching the cliff tops, popular with sea anglers. The trail takes you past Vila Nova de Milfontes' small fishing port before heading into the village to the old historic centre of the village passing the Forte Clemente.

RNAAT Licence No. 515/2017.

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